Friday, November 4, 2011

Final Paper Topic

The research question that my final paper will address is how the Catholic Church and its authority choose to engage and incorporate new technology into religious teaching. The specific case study this paper will look at is how the Catholic Church deals with the issue of confession online, exploring mobile phone applications. This case study will help further explain the research question because it studies a very relevant case in which the Catholic Church integrates new media with a specific ritual, the act of confession. Thus, illustrating how the church exercises its authority concerning new technological advances. The specific case describes how the Catholic Church, in order to bring those astray back, have invented an application for the iphone which allows an individual to conveniently confess their sins (Beck, 2011).  Although as the article states, this digital type of confession does not replace or get rid of traditional confession; one must still go to a priest for absolution. (Beck, 2011). The article also discusses the Pope’s position on technology, which helps address the aspect of authority in the research question.  Overall, the case study will help provide further evidence that the Catholic Church is engaging in using technology for its religious practices, and these online practices are furthering the teaching in Catholicism.

Beck, Father Edward L. (2011, Feb. 8). Confession App: Catholic Church Sanctions New iPhone App. Retrived from app-roman-catholic-church-sanctions-iphone app/story?id=12866499#.TrMtGK48QzU.

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